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  • cognitivism in education

    Cognitivism emerged as a major paradigm of education in the 1950’s, largely in response to the behaviourist paradigm which offered no satisfactory explanation to account for certain types of learning (e.g. problem solving). Scientists wanted to open the black box of the mind and explore what was going on between stimulus and response.

  • Intel or AMD

    When it comes to picking the best processor for our 3D videos and VFX effects, we all look for the best in performance and within our budget. We subject the CPUs and GPU under test to compare their performance, and sometimes we overclock to see the figures increasing. However, in our quest for a new…

  • Blade Runner: a multi-generic film

    A multi-generic film is one that combines more than one genre (Dick 76). Such films incorporate film noir and science fiction, horror and comedy, western and musical, to mention but a few. Blade Runner is a god example of a multi-generic movie. It combines film noir and science fiction. Such a combination is appropriate for…

  • The best jobs to start working in the VFX industry

    When I was preparing my ideal job essay, I realized, that we all rely on the VFX industry. Be it in films where VFX is used to bring our imagination to life or in music and out of class educational videos. VFX  has changed the cinema experience. It is no surprise they highly sort after individuals.…

  • learning theories simplified pdf free download

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  • summarise theories about how children and young people learn

    Major Child Development Theories and Theorists Though many scientists and researchers have approached the study of child development over the last hundred or so years, only a few of the theories