Name Ten24
Location Sheffield, United Kingdom
Profile Ten24 offers our clients the highest degree of professionalism and extensive industry experience. As such we can provide a great deal more than just modelling and animation, extending our services to photography, grading, previsulisation, and compositing. We don't believe in cutting corners, neither are we here to make as much money as we can. We're here to create the best work we can in order to meet both our clients, and our own, expectations. Rest assured any project we take on, be it large or small, will be completed with the utmost importance and attention to detail that far outweighs many other CG companies.
Services Character modelling Game environment Creation Game Character creation Character rigging Character animation Game asset remodelling and up-resing Conceptual Design Hard surface modelling Product Visualisation Medical Visualisation CAD remodelling and cleanup Technical Visualisation Technical / medical Walkthroughs

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